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On this page, we are promoting Community Energy Revolution in Africa particularly in Nigeria. Energy deficit in Nigeria is a serious problem affecting every facet of our life. Whilst one should commend the efforts of the government in unbundling the old energy company in Nigeria; but this is a sector that cannot be left in the hands of government alone.

We are, therefore, calling on communities to identify energy potentials in their locality and organise themselves to power their communities with off-grid projects. If you need more information about how you can do this, contact our organisation: Community Energy Social Enterprise Limited through this page or like our Facebook page.

Dr. Patrick Tolani
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Our Mission

To offer every local community and community groups access to our expertise, infrastructure, efficient systems and on-going support across the country so that communities can reap the benefits of access to energy at cheap prices, local generation (leading to employment generation and shared prosperity), direct ownership of natural resources in their locality, efficient energy usage and conservation thereby reducing carbon footprint.

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Our Vision

Sustainable energy for all.

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Our Strategy

Speed up the development, Inform and educate policymakers, Build a broad, public coalition in support of community renewable energy projects and Inform and engage the public through workshops, conferences and action-oriented projects.

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A leading renewable energy
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Community Energy Social Enterprise Limited is a limited liability Company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with affiliations in United Kingdom, Canada, China, and USA.

We are one of the leading renewable energy service provider with a very robust track record for excellence in service delivery.

Our keen knowledge in the energy industry and innovation on scheduled delivery has helped us meet the needs of our clients with credible OEMs covering areas of our services with various clients at large.

Community energy covers aspects of collective action to reduce, purchase, manage and generate energy. Community energy Read more

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