D-Power Initiative

D-Power is an social initiative centered on powering Africa. Using solar minigrids, we hope to light up rural communities where access to electricity is still a major challange.
The beauty of the D-Power initiative is that, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to get power into your community or your settlement in Africa, simply fill our forms online and we will take care of the heavy lifting for you.

We have piloted several solar powered systems across the country and with a recent government intervention by the World/Rural Electrification Agency(SHS),we are convinced that making our standalone Solar Home System available to the wider public would be the best way to address the energy crisis in a nation.
We are launching our dPower (Diaspora-Power), which will deliver uninterrupted energy supply to about 1 makingllion homes across the country within the next two years or so

Find here some resources to help you understand the process flow.

Product / Price Distribution

ProductCapacityOffers Energy for IncludesWarrantyCost
Level 11.5KVA5 Energy bulbs, 3 Sockets (Fans, TV, Blender & Phone Chargers)2 Nos. 250W Solar Panels, 2 Batteries & Accessories$1,500/£1,185
Level 23.5KVAMore than 10 LED Bulbs (for Fans, TV, Blender, Freezer or Fride) with 4 Nos Solar Panels, 2 Batteries$2,646/£1,955
Level 25.5KVAMore than 5 LED bulbs, Sockets for Fan, Fridge, Freezer with One Air Conditioner for limited number of hours.$4,642/£3,245.

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Ongoing projects

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