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gif.php 22 May, 2024

Dr Patrick Tolani Joins Board of the Association of Commonwealth Leadership Conferences (ACLC)

The Commonwealth Study Conference Africa (CSC) proudly announced that Dr Patrick Tolani, Chair of CSC Africa, has been nominated and approved to join the Board of the global Association of Commonwealth Leadership Conferences (ACLC). This appointment was confirmed at the ACLC Annual General Meeting held on December 18, 2023.

Dr Tolani's appointment to the ACLC Board is a testament to his exceptional leadership and invaluable contributions to the CSC. As Chair of CSC Africa, Dr Tolani has played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and transformative dialogue among leaders from across the continent.

The Association of Commonwealth Leadership Conferences (ACLC) is a global  organization that brings together leaders from various Commonwealth countries to promote effective leadership, innovation, and sustainable development. With Dr Tolani's expertise and vision, the ACLC is poised to further enhance its impact and extend its reach within the Commonwealth community.

On behalf of the CSC Africa, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr Patrick Tolani for this remarkable achievement. His dedication and commitment to advancing leadership excellence in Africa have made a profound and lasting impact on our organization and its participants.

Under Dr Tolani's leadership, the CSC Africa has consistently provided a platform for influential leaders to connect, share insights, and develop strategies to address pressing challenges facing the continent. His new role within the ACLC Board will undoubtedly strengthen the collaboration between CSC Africa and the broader Commonwealth leadership community.

We look forward to witnessing Dr Tolani's continued contributions to the Association of Commonwealth Leadership Conferences (ACLC) and are confident that his expertise will greatly benefit the global leadership network.